kors does kara

Top: Michael Kors, Spring 2007. Bottom: Kara Janx, Fall 2006.

Notice any similarities?

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.


mini mumu

The mumu = the cockroach of the garment world (ie. the dress that just just won't die). Reinterpreted as a cute little thing by Diane Von Furstenburg.


Wear it only if:
a) you have the rack of a stick figure;
b) you have a Get Out of Jail FREE card, issued by the fashion police.



lighten up, it's just fashion

Sasha Pivivarova, backstage at Nina Ricci



indie rock princess

In your next incarnation, you shall be born into indie rock royalty. We've already chosen your wardrobe; the only missing elements are the recording studio and the legions of hip fans that feel like they're dying on the inside.

Dior Resort 2007

Christian Lacroix Fall 2006


granny puts her foot down

We love Chloe just as much as the next girl, but pray tell, what's going on with the shoes for Fall? Last season's Mary Janes were dangerously, fabulously crafty, but this season's lot are just dangerously close to the year 1890. Quick - somebody page Dr. Scholl, and stat! Something has gone terribly wrong at Chloe from the ankle down.

Do not try and tell us that these shoes were inspired by anything other than the shoe closet in the orthopedic ward of Greener Pastures Nursing Home. We know it, Phoebe Philo knows it, and Phoebe Philo's crochety granny knows it, too.


every girl needs a little pucci

Pucci F/W 2006 is the first collection that has managed to get us hot and bothered in anticipation of the Autumnal Equinox. How very clever of Matthew Williamson to design a bright and relatively breezy collection; it's far easier to think about buying fall clothes in the middle of the summer when the vetements in question are fluid and colorful.

We are so loving:
The wooly little caps
The rich, opaque tights
The bright mini/black tights combo
The silvered grey/transcendental purple combo
The black tights/black shoes combo
The long scarf/fluid mini combo
The Matthew Williamson/Pucci combo



back in 5 mins

No, dolls, I haven't died. Got married; it was lovely.

Back in 5 mins.



pimp my bride

Last season's catwalk darling, Coco Rocha, pimps it for bridal designer Alfred Sung. Work those pearls, dollface.



Axl Rose at Dior Resort 2007

Out trolling for model girlfriends again, my darling?



if you must

If you must do the short-shorts thing this season, do it like Donatella and balance them with deliciously fluid, long sleeves. Wearing a bra is always advisable.



samurai surprise

Scarlett Johanssen's ensemble for the Costume Institute Gala: executed with the precision of a ninja, and the discipline of a samurai. Behold the earrings that ring and glow like temple lanterns, shoes that are as austere and sexy as a table set for sushi, a single finger set with a diamond cocktail ring. And the dress! The dress: pop-art bling samurai surprise kimono.

Stella and Scarlett at the Met, both in Stella McCartney

ps. Stella, darling, you look gorgeous, too.


coutorture me

Smashingly Fabulous is smashingly psyched to be a part of Coutorture, the fabulous online fashion community that you've surely heard so much about.

Head on over and immerse yourself in a wealth of edgy content: fashion news, opinion, advice, video, and so much more.

Special thanks to Julie Frederickson of Almost Girl for letting us join in the fun. (She's smart as a whip, so Coutorture is a fitting appellation).


the witching hour

The colour of midnight, sliced into fierce sheaths of blue.

Perfect for:
Slipping into the nightspot of your choice (via the side door).

Versace SS06



like a diamond

Dress is Matthew Williamson SS06

Panels of silk whirl and pool around your body as you flit about the house on a coke-induced high. You've been left to your own frenzied devices while your husband cleans his guns and brokers deals in his cherry-paneled study. You're sharp and polished, like a diamond.

Later, you're sipping margaritas on the patio with some of the girls from the neighborhood. They're as manicured as their lawns, which is to say: crisp, clean, and country club cool. "What does your husband do?" asks one. "He's in international shipping," you say, and your laugh rings out metallic, betraying the truth.



eye of the tiger

Split ends make the tiger very, very angry.


a girl's guide to owning it

The act of kicking ass and taking names is raised to a certain level of style and grace when one is wearing delightful hosery.




And you thought that you were having a bad hair day.



runway/surreal way

One Jean Paul Gaultier dress, one runway, one surreal photo shoot with Evangeline Lilly.

What can we learn from the two photos below?

a) Trash-tastic black boots and a garbage bag headpiece will poison even the most delightful of dresses;
b) A healthy, strong body is the very best kind of clothes hanger;
c) All of the above.



fashion model/fashion victim

It's car-crashingly tragic when fashion models become fashion victims. With beautiful genes and a little black book bursting with names and numbers of the best stylists, hair, and makeup artists - there should be no good reason for looking like you've just rolled out of the back of an ambulance.

So Gemma: Darling, Dollface, Dear little princess - What's your excuse?

Gemma Ward at CK Dinner

p.s. - Guns n' Roses called. Slash wants his jeans back.



vintage debauchery

A little bit Marilyn, a little bit Courtney, and a whole lot of "I don't care (and yet, really, I do)".

Future Classics SS06: perfect outfits for nights when you're dragged out of the house to parties you don't care to attend. For blind dates you didn't ask for. For grocery shopping the morning after.



use your illusion

It's so short, so transparent - it's practically an illusion.

Use it to your advantage.

Versace SS06




Fast Forward to Fall 2006: White Chanel thigh-high booties, black leather mini, filmy lavender frills, and a classic Coco cardigan. Claim them as your own, then rewind back into Spring, you lady-like bad ass, you.



may we suggest: bikini and heels

Jean Paul Gaultier bikini and Sergio Rossi heels. Work it.



unkle karl speaks

This month, Karl Lagerfeld gives a brief and entertaining Q&A session to Elle US. Subject matter: the ubiquitous Little Black Dress. The deliciously snarky highlights:

Favorite LBD you've designed?
I never answer questions with initials - they sound medical.

Is there a menswear equivalent of the little black dress?
The little black jacket, or LBJ, to use your horrible expression.

Is there hope for the LWD [little white dress] this spring?
This spring is all about little white dresses.


may we suggest: lacy/racy

Collette Dinnigan offers up some gorgeous lace dresses for Spring. We dare you to wear them as shown on the runway.

For those unwilling to flash your gitch like a tasteless vixen, try one of these with a simple camisole and a pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans, as we all know, are either king of the closet or destined for the thrift store, depending on who you ask. Act like you could care less about either opinion, and rip them off mid-calf. Pop on these patent red Manolos, and you're shining.



peace, love, and victoriana

Someone on the Blumarine team must have tripped out on something really lovely, and astral-projected themselves back to the Victorian Era.

1860 meets 1960 as dainty ruffles and lace collide with agate, legs, and lots of skin.