mini mumu

The mumu = the cockroach of the garment world (ie. the dress that just just won't die). Reinterpreted as a cute little thing by Diane Von Furstenburg.


Wear it only if:
a) you have the rack of a stick figure;
b) you have a Get Out of Jail FREE card, issued by the fashion police.



mai said...

I absolutely agree with your advice...when anyone wears it after taking your advice it looks kinda cute!

Anonymous said...

It'd also help if it was on the short side, say mid-thigh like in the pics, just so you don't look like an egg with legs.

discothequechic said...

LOVE these dresses...will definetly have to check out the DVF spring collection.

I love the dewy eye makeup too.

ahhh, im excited about spring already!

S xx

Anonymous said...

I agree that you have to be really careful with the mumu style. I think a good compromise is babydoll dresses. That way you still have the comfort of a more flowing fit, without the potato sack downfall. I found a really cute one with a girly print at bluefly

Jessica said...

H&M recently put a dress out in a similar shape and i bought it and it drapes so well. I think it is all how oyu carry yourself and how you wear it, it looks quite amazing.