like a diamond

Dress is Matthew Williamson SS06

Panels of silk whirl and pool around your body as you flit about the house on a coke-induced high. You've been left to your own frenzied devices while your husband cleans his guns and brokers deals in his cherry-paneled study. You're sharp and polished, like a diamond.

Later, you're sipping margaritas on the patio with some of the girls from the neighborhood. They're as manicured as their lawns, which is to say: crisp, clean, and country club cool. "What does your husband do?" asks one. "He's in international shipping," you say, and your laugh rings out metallic, betraying the truth.



eye of the tiger

Split ends make the tiger very, very angry.


a girl's guide to owning it

The act of kicking ass and taking names is raised to a certain level of style and grace when one is wearing delightful hosery.




And you thought that you were having a bad hair day.



runway/surreal way

One Jean Paul Gaultier dress, one runway, one surreal photo shoot with Evangeline Lilly.

What can we learn from the two photos below?

a) Trash-tastic black boots and a garbage bag headpiece will poison even the most delightful of dresses;
b) A healthy, strong body is the very best kind of clothes hanger;
c) All of the above.



fashion model/fashion victim

It's car-crashingly tragic when fashion models become fashion victims. With beautiful genes and a little black book bursting with names and numbers of the best stylists, hair, and makeup artists - there should be no good reason for looking like you've just rolled out of the back of an ambulance.

So Gemma: Darling, Dollface, Dear little princess - What's your excuse?

Gemma Ward at CK Dinner

p.s. - Guns n' Roses called. Slash wants his jeans back.



vintage debauchery

A little bit Marilyn, a little bit Courtney, and a whole lot of "I don't care (and yet, really, I do)".

Future Classics SS06: perfect outfits for nights when you're dragged out of the house to parties you don't care to attend. For blind dates you didn't ask for. For grocery shopping the morning after.



use your illusion

It's so short, so transparent - it's practically an illusion.

Use it to your advantage.

Versace SS06




Fast Forward to Fall 2006: White Chanel thigh-high booties, black leather mini, filmy lavender frills, and a classic Coco cardigan. Claim them as your own, then rewind back into Spring, you lady-like bad ass, you.



may we suggest: bikini and heels

Jean Paul Gaultier bikini and Sergio Rossi heels. Work it.