matthew's girls

There are few men like Matthew Williamson. He can channel Michelle Pfeiffer à la Scarface like nobody's business. And lord, what the man can do with a bolt of silk.

The woman who wears Matthew is fiercely glam, but she acts like she doesn't give a shit about it. She's effortlessly sexy, but clearly puts a hell of a lot of effort into her appearance. She looks like she'd know what to do with a line of coke, but you'd never, ever catch her with one.

Coke, silk, and Scarface - the Smashingly Fabulous take on Matthew Williamson.


paging mrs. roper

Donna Karan is a bit like Harper's Bazaar: there are moments when she's clearly on her game, and then there are the moments when she's searching, searching, searching for something the rest of us can't see.

Much like Harper's, the DKNY demographic is best described as a 30 to 40 something woman who fancies herself as a crisp 25 year old. From a business perspective, that's a profitable chunk of the market to be pandering to: firmly ensconced in their careers, these are women who aren't afraid to lay down the dollars to build a wardrobe.

So why, dear Donna, would you want to scare them all off with a collection that makes even your 19 year old models look like 70's era house hags?

Don't know about you, but we'll be filing DKNY Spring 2006 RTW under "Not so Fabulous".



spank me

Chanel Spring 2006 Couture: in my estimation, there were more misses than hits in this collection. Karl, darling, galoshes are not sexy. Loose and bunchy panty hose? Also not sexy - quite repulsive, actually. And, hate to break it to you, but the gowns closing out the show made the girls look like gothic wedding cake toppers.

Several of the suits were gorgeous, but the one moment of fabulousness came just after the midway point, when Karl sent the kinky victorian school mistress down the runway. She certainly looks like she knows what to do with a wooden ruler.



a fabulous manifesto


We'll start this off as nothing more than a frivolous and tasty treat, though we reserve the right to allow it to evolve into something else as the days go by.

We'll be bringing you snippets and flashes of all things fabulous. Fabulous things from real life, and fabulous things from the realm of lacquered, plastic celebrity.

We aim to be sharp and on point, but never to take ourselves too seriously. We hope you do the same.