pimp my bride

Last season's catwalk darling, Coco Rocha, pimps it for bridal designer Alfred Sung. Work those pearls, dollface.



Axl Rose at Dior Resort 2007

Out trolling for model girlfriends again, my darling?



if you must

If you must do the short-shorts thing this season, do it like Donatella and balance them with deliciously fluid, long sleeves. Wearing a bra is always advisable.



samurai surprise

Scarlett Johanssen's ensemble for the Costume Institute Gala: executed with the precision of a ninja, and the discipline of a samurai. Behold the earrings that ring and glow like temple lanterns, shoes that are as austere and sexy as a table set for sushi, a single finger set with a diamond cocktail ring. And the dress! The dress: pop-art bling samurai surprise kimono.

Stella and Scarlett at the Met, both in Stella McCartney

ps. Stella, darling, you look gorgeous, too.


coutorture me

Smashingly Fabulous is smashingly psyched to be a part of Coutorture, the fabulous online fashion community that you've surely heard so much about.

Head on over and immerse yourself in a wealth of edgy content: fashion news, opinion, advice, video, and so much more.

Special thanks to Julie Frederickson of Almost Girl for letting us join in the fun. (She's smart as a whip, so Coutorture is a fitting appellation).


the witching hour

The colour of midnight, sliced into fierce sheaths of blue.

Perfect for:
Slipping into the nightspot of your choice (via the side door).

Versace SS06