kors does kara

Top: Michael Kors, Spring 2007. Bottom: Kara Janx, Fall 2006.

Notice any similarities?

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.



mai said...

great you are finally back!!!!!!!!!!!

ambika said...

I like the wrap element of the bottom dress much more tho. Kors just has the ribbon which is so done.

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Dinah said...

I do love the kara dress.

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Sarah said...

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Anonymous said...

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Rachel said...

Good observation

lizz said...

i actually don't think they are that similar: and the janx one is much better. bows are the thing now, which is where kors is coming from but janx has this whole 80s dance teacher thing going on

Bratty Duke said...

Ava, I know you've probably moved on to bigger and better things, but I need someone else to be just as bemused about the fact that Madonna's M for H&M collection includes, yes, a Kara Janx rip-off kimono style dress.

marina said...

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