granny puts her foot down

We love Chloe just as much as the next girl, but pray tell, what's going on with the shoes for Fall? Last season's Mary Janes were dangerously, fabulously crafty, but this season's lot are just dangerously close to the year 1890. Quick - somebody page Dr. Scholl, and stat! Something has gone terribly wrong at Chloe from the ankle down.

Do not try and tell us that these shoes were inspired by anything other than the shoe closet in the orthopedic ward of Greener Pastures Nursing Home. We know it, Phoebe Philo knows it, and Phoebe Philo's crochety granny knows it, too.



Casey said...

but they are sooo fabulous!!! I'd die for a pair!!

keylimecat said...

Ah, but the lace-ups are so incredibly hot. Chie Mihara makes a low heel version in a yummy soft green leather. I can't find a single pair in my size but I hope there will be more to come: http://www.chiemihara.com/chiestore/default.asp?pagina=2&tipo=1&IdCSZapato=37&lim=1

Anonymous said...

But Phoebe Philo is not at Chloe any more, is she?

Iheartfashion said...

Pheobe Philo doesn't work at Chloe anymore, so you can't blame her! But, agreed, they are very granny.